The Monk, the Scarecrow and the Fool

Spacer A monk who was pleased with his own understanding and wisdom went in search of people to share his observations with...

Spacer First he met a scarecrow and said "Friend scarecrow, I see we have much in common for we are both in the shape of men."
Spacer "You fool," said the scarecrow, "you would be my equal, whilst I am only an empty shell, be off with you, for 'wisdom' is just a cloak put on to impress others and yourself."
Spacer Next he met a wise old woman and he said to her, "Beloved Mother you have much wisdom and I am yet young on this the Longest Path. Will you share some of your great knowing?"
Spacer "You really are a fool," said the wise old woman, "every time you open your mouth, you utter falsity. Truth can not speak. What then will you have me say?"
Spacer Finally he met himself and he said, "Long have I sought you and now you are here what is there to say?"
Spacer "You are a Fool," said his Self. "At no time have we been apart. What then have you found except that which was always present?"

Ed Jason